ISO Pas 17712:2013 Freight Containers - Mechanical Seals Certification

ISO 17712:2013 establishes uniform processes for the classification, receipt, and withdrawal of mechanical freight container seals. It offers a single source of information on mechanical seals which are satisfactory for securing freight containers in global commerce.

What is new in ISO 17712:2013?

Proof of tampering remains an essential area in the new edition, but there is a significant change in approach. The new edition addresses tampering via third party procedure inspections as part of the manufacturer’s ISO 9001 quality operational processes.

ISO 17712 no longer needs third party laboratory testing against exact tamper related criteria. Instead, the necessity for tamper-related quality processes include internally-generated and -managed tests of tamper proof as part of a manufacturer’s documented quality program like ISO 9001.

A manufacturer may choose to conduct the tamper-evident testing in-house or employ a third party laboratory. In any case the testing would be against the manufacturer’s test protocol and specification. Since Clause 6 has neither tamper-evident test procedures nor a necessity for accredited testing, an outside lab cannot certify conformance with ISO 17712 Clause 6. A third party lab in such a condition basically provides a lab report to its client.

Benefits of ISO Pas 17712:2013

  • Expand safety
  • Extend correct collection of taxes and duties
  • Get better border protection
  • Important increase in inspection rate
  • Minimize corruption
  • Minimize container tampering and thefts
  • Facilitate trade
  • Speed up logistic processes